Review from MyHealthcareKit users, Nikki Weiss-Goldstein & Jill Goldstein of Los Angeles, CA

We are so grateful for My Healthcare Kit.  We have an 8 year old son with a severe egg allergy.  Having all of his medications, doctors information, emergency contacts and instructions in one organized folder is invaluable.  We really appreciated the color coded stickers for ease of use as well.  Having multiple kits for various places – the car, the house, and eventually for school when it’s back in person – really makes us feel safe and prepared for an emergency.   We’re thrilled to have My Healthcare Kit as one of our best lines of defense.

Review from MyHealthcareKit user, Janet ODonnel of Philadelphia, PA:

“I wish I had this kit years ago! My daughter has food allergies, seasonal allergies, and allergy-induced asthma. Every time I went away or had a babysitter I felt like I was reinventing the wheel as I assembled my daughter’s allergy meds and wrote out an emergency plan. There were also times my husband had to call me at work to ask what to do or where something was. This kit is compact and has a space for everything we need to manage her allergy symptoms and, God forbid, an emergency situation. We keep it right in the kitchen for quick access or to grab and go if we are going away. As a nurse I know how quickly an allergic reaction can escalate. Having everything you need within reach and a simple, solid plan in place can save lives. I am so happy to have this kit now! I feel proactive and in control. Thank you, MyHealthCareKit, for this wonderful organizational tool that I will use and appreciate for years to come.”

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C: Customers. It’s all about you! We created this product with you in mind, in the hopes to give you organization and control over the administration of medication to your child.

A: Allergies. Our goal is to walk this journey with you, and help you feel that you are part of our food allergy community network. Together, we will thrive.

R: Research. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of our product will go towards funding research to better help, and ultimately find a cure for, persons with food allergies.

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